Command Hand: A Star Wars Legion Podcast
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Command Hand is your ultimate Star Wars Legion podcast, bringing you updates on Community, the Hobby, and competitive Strategy for the Star Wars Legion tabletop miniatures wargame by Fantasy Flight Games.

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    Episode 14: General Veers...Prepare for TOURNAMENTS!

    John and Shey talk about the new Tournament Guidelines and their effect, Hobby talk about basing to be within those guidelines, and we discuss General Veers alongside a discussion of the TTS Meta.

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    Episode 13: Snowy AT-ST Madness

    John and Shey spend nearly an hour (sorry short episode fans!) talking about Tournament and League prep, alternate canon schemes for Imperial troopers (Imperial Galactic Marines!) and the big bad AT-ST.

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    Episode 12: Hyperspace Report?

    John and Shey talk about what X-Wing 2.0 means for Legion and why the Hyperspace Report should have been handled differently, we discuss 3D Printing terrain, and cover the T-47 Airspeeder.

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    Episode 11: Surprise Predictions!!!

    John and Shey predict the future! We talk about what we think may be announced at the Hyperspace Report on May 1st, 2018.

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    Episode Ten: Battle Report!

    John gives a battle report from a weekend of war games and updates on the direction of Command Hand.

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    Episode Nine: Shorty Vader

    We have a short episode where we discuss some tournament issues, bases, and Darth Vader!

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    Episode Eight: The Lost Jedi!

    John goes solo again with a self-discussion on building community, simple but effective techniques, and Luke!

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